Important information for Goat Producers: New NVD

A new version of the Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) for goats is now available both electronically and in printed booklets. 

The LPA NVD is required for all livestock movements, including property to property, through sale yards, direct to processors and to feedlots, and to the live export trade. The LPA NVD is the main document behind Australia’s reputation as a reliable supplier of safe red meat to domestic and international markets. 

Developed with input from GICA, the new NVD better reflects practices in the goat meat industry. It allows for harvested rangeland goats to be moved without a tag from the property on which they were caught to an abattoir or registered goat depot. The wording of some questions has been clarified, and definitions of ‘harvested rangeland goat’ and ‘registered goat depot’ have been added to the NVD’s explanatory notes. 

LPA NVD (Goats) booklets can be ordered through the LPA Service Centre, both electronically as eNVDs and in printed booklets. 

The previous NVD (GO413) continues to be accepted. This version will be phased out and from 1 March 2019, only the new version (GO517) will be valid from that date onwards. 

Producers should note that when uploading the transaction data to the NLIS database, if they have received or sold a consignment of harvested rangeland goats that are eligible to be moved tag free, they still need to complete the ‘vendor bred’ section on the NLIS. Indicate that the stock has not been bred by the owner (select ‘no’), and then for the time frame indicate ‘less than 2 months’. 

If you have any questions regarding the new goat NVD:

Additional information on the integrity system is available at http://www.mla.com.au/integrity