The Goat Industry Council of Australia, (GICA) works closely with Animal Health Australia (AHA) to administer animal health programs and ensure emergency animal disease preparedness for producers in the case of a disease threat. 

To minimise the impact of disease outbreaks a rapid and coordinated response is vital. 

To achieve this AHA collaborates with GICA and various industry bodies, including the Sheep Producers Australia, WoolProducers and the Cattle Council of Australia to develop biosecurity guidelines and the farm biosecurity program.

Farm biosecurity program

The Farm biosecurity program incorporates a range of practices that aim to keep Australian livestock and crops free of disease, pests and weeds through focussing on simple measures that can easily be implemented into day-to-day operations.

It is important that as many diseases, pests and weeds are kept out as possible because they can:

  • Reduce on-farm productivity
  • Affect farm incomes
  • Affect animal welfare
  • Reduce the value of farming land
  • Close markets or reduce prices

You can protect your farm and Australia’s rural industry by assessing the risks on your property and thinking about ways to minimise them. 

Critical risk areas include:  

  • People movements 
  • Animal movements
  • Vehicles and equipment
  • Feed and water
  • Pests and weeds

The farm biosecurity website can provide you with more information and tools to help you assess and manage your risks, including access to a range of tools and resources such as:

  • Plans and manuals
  • Declarations and statements
  • Records and templates
  • Tips and other resource materials