What We Do

As a designated Commodity Council of the Federation, GICA works to deliver goat industry policy for all goat breeds.

GICA priorities are set out in the 5-year Strategic Plan.


The key objectives of GICA are to:

  • Represent and promote the interests of Australian goat producers.
  • Function as a specialist goat industry organisation with concern for the livelihood of all goat producers.
  • Carry out activities necessary to advance the goat industry. 
  • Collect and disseminate information concerning the goat industry.
  • Maintain a high level of liaison and cooperation with its members, relevant government departments and authorities at local, state and federal levels and with other relevant industry organisations. 
  • Promote the development of the agricultural and pastoral industries of Australia.


In order to meet these objectives GICA operates under the following rules: 

  1. GICA determines and implements policy on all matters of a specific commodity nature affecting the goat industry in Australia. In such matters, the GICA shall have complete autonomy from the Federation. 
  2. Matters affecting the rural sector generally, of which the goat industry is a part; or matters affecting more than one commodity, whilst open to determination by the GICA, shall be referred to the Federation for the determination of policy for the whole rural sector. 
  3. While the Council may decide policy on all matters affecting the goat industry, it shall consult with appropriate organisation on all matters of common interest. 

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