Goat Health Statement

The National Goat Health Statement is a nationally agreed declaration form that enables you to provide information on the history of your herd should you intend to sell or agist goats. It requires details for a number of significant diseases and parasites, including Ovine Johne’s disease (OJD), Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), footrot and lice, as well as drenching and vaccination history.

The National Goat Health Statement enables goat vendors to provide assurance about the health status of the goats they are offering for sale. Buyers can check and compare health statements to ensure that any goats they are planning to purchase won’t compromise the health of their own herd. 

Information recording

To complete the National Goat Health Statement you will need to fill in your name, Property Identification Code, address and other details and add up your goats’ Assurance Rating for Johne’s disease. You will also need to complete the animal health status for all the other conditions. Once completed you must sign and date the declaration.

Completed National Goat Health Statements are legal documents under state laws. They can be audited and there are penalties for false declarations. A false declaration could leave a producer liable to legal action.

Remember: All prospective buyers should ask for a copy of the National Goat Health Statement before committing to a purchase.