National Residue Survey 2016–17 – Goat

The National Residue Survey (NRS) is an operational unit within the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, and since 1992 has been funded by industries through levies or contracted by direct funding.

The NRS is an essential part of Australia’s pesticide and veterinary medicine residue management framework providing verification of good agricultural practice in support of chemical control-of-use legislation and guidelines.

NRS residue monitoring programs monitor the levels of, and associated risks from, pesticides and veterinary medicine residues in Australian food products. The programs help to facilitate and encourage ongoing access to domestic and export markets.

NRS supports Australia’s primary producers and food processors who provide quality animal, grain and horticulture products which meet both Australian and relevant international standards.

Key points:

  • National Residue Survey is certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • In 2016–17, the overall compliance rate against Australian standards was 100 percent
  • Australian primary producers continue to demonstrate a high degree of good agricultural practice

Download the National Residue Survey 2016–17 – Goat