National Farm Biosecurity Manual – Grazing Livestock Production April 2018 is now available

The National Farm Biosecurity Reference Manual for Grazing Livestock Production is an important tool for meeting our shared responsibility for biosecurity. It has been developed to reduce the risk to farming operations of diseases, weeds and pests entering 
a property, spreading through the livestock population, and/or being passed to surrounding livestock operations, e.g. by utility companies. This manual sets out biosecurity practices for all grazing livestock enterprises. It is a reference document designed by all grazing industries which sets an agreed level of biosecurity. 

It is a tool for the grazing industries to translate biosecurity practices into operating procedures and work instructions.

Using this manual will benefit the industry and associated enterprises by preserving animal health and reducing unnecessary production costs associated with the presence of diseases, pests and weeds. To help achieve a good level of biosecurity, recommended practices are suggested under each principle. These are examples of what can be done to assist operators in implementing biosecurity practices.

The manual has been published by Animal Health Australia is available online from their website.