Project & Policies

As the peak national body representing the interests of all goat producers, the Goat Industry Council of Australia, (GICA) oversees a number of projects and policies which help to secure the long term sustainability and profitability of the industry.

Animal health and welfare

Animal health and welfare is vital in any livestock industry and GICA is committed to ensuring it is upheld throughout the entire goat industry supply chain. GICA oversees the investment of industry levies with the specific mandate of developing cost-effective, practical solutions to animal health and welfare concerns within the goat industry. Read more >

Research and development

GICA regularly assesses areas within the goat industry that could benefit from targeted research and development programs. A number of these are ongoing initiatives, while others work towards an end goal. Read more >

Trade and marketing

GICA works to ensure that markets for goats and goat products remain open and sustainable, while overseeing marketing initiatives aimed at increasing the consumption of Australian goatmeat and other goat products domestically and internationally. Read more >


GICA works closely with Animal Health Australia, (AHA) to administer animal health programs and ensure emergency animal disease preparedness for goat producers in case of a disease threat. In association with other industry bodies this has resulted in biosecurity guidelines and the farm biosecurity program. Read more >

Livestock exports

Australia is globally recognised as a supplier of high quality live goats. All goats are exported from Australia according to world’s best practice. The vast majority of live goats are exported to Malaysia. Read more >