New NLIS requirements for goats

Goat producers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new requirements under NLIS (Sheep and Goats).  From 1 July 2010, all states will be progressively introducing the requirement to record the movement of mobs of goats between properties on the NLIS database.  Under NLIS producers are already required to know where the goats under their […]

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Depots bolster supply

The Australian goat industry’s increasing capacity to supply the right kind of product at the right time and guarantee that product’s integrity, as well as steady demand from overseas markets, has reinforced Australia’s position as the world’s largest exporter of goat meat. The Australian goat industry was worth $72 million in goat meat exports in […]

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Goat industry embraces biosecurity

Goat trading between states will become easier with the introduction of a National Goat Health Statement according to Goat Industry Council of Australia’s President Steve Roots. “This statement was developed by the goat industry for the goat industry and will bring a new level of assurance for producers involved with the trading of goats,” said […]

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