Improving the health and productivity of farmed goats in Australia

Stakeholders in the Australian goat industry work collaboratively to deliver animal health benefits to goat producers and to improve farm production. However like other livestock, goats can be affected by a number of endemic diseases that can impact the health of goats, causing lost production for the goat industry and significant losses for some individual farmers. 

Diseases such as lice, footrot, Johne’s disease and Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) are well established in some regions and can have a serious effect on your herd if you unintentionally purchase infected goats.  These diseases and parasites have been in Australia for many years and they continue to spread as a result of purchases and goat movements where owners and buyers can’t get the right information to manage the risk.

Download the Animal Health Australia brochure to find out how to protect your livestock.