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Depot registration to support tag free movement of goats

From 1 February 2016, goat depots must be registered to be able to move goats without NLIS tags following an announcement made by Safemeat and GICA. To be able to operate without NLIS tags, goat depot operators must: 

To help depot operators to complete the registration process, GICA and State Governments have developed a series of documents. These include: 

Operators of goat depots (or those considering a new goat depot) should start by reading the summary of registration process for their relevant jurisdiction.   Once registered, depot operators will be given a departmental approval to receive and consign untagged harvested goats to slaughter and will be subject to an annual LPA audit. The outcome of these audits and the outcomes of State compliance monitoring will determine whether the depot will remain eligible to consign untagged harvested goats to slaughter.
Individuals and organisations who misuse the conditions of registration could be forced to tag all goats prior to leaving the depot or their property. Note that tagging, NVD and movement recording requirements for farmed goats and for harvested goats moving to another depot or property remain in place.
Until the new Goat Depot registration conditions are fully developed, State/Territory NLIS authorities will be closely monitoring goat movements from goat depots. Action will be taken on any breaches of NLIS requirements, and serious breaches could be taken into consideration when assessing any future applications for approval to move harvested goats to slaughter without tags.  
During this time, industry participants are asked to pay particular attention to keeping accurate movement records and ensuring livestock movements onto their PICs are entered into the NLIS database.  
If depots do not to register by 1 February 2016 they will be contacted to seek clarification as to why they have not registered. 
If you regularly trade harvested goats without tags and are unsure of your obligations, please contact your State/Territory NLIS authority (listed at the end of the User Manual) or GICA for more information.